Cooperate and Be a Partner to Those in Poverty

A step towards a more just future

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A step towards a more just future

The fight against extreme poverty requires an enduring partnership with people who personally experience extreme poverty. Despite major advances this partnership remains a challenge. On October 17th 2012, the International Day for the Eradication of Extreme Poverty, the Council of Europe opened its doors to people who live in the most vulnerable conditions, yet are fully committed to making progress on this front.

At the Council of Europe, together with NGOs and member states, a process that would, from here on out, ensure enforcement of all texts already voted on and passed that guarantee a decent life for all, access to rights, and an effective fight against extreme poverty on the continent was endorsed. The success of this endeavor however, requires a novel approach; the participation of people in situations of exclusion.

Around the world, while the voices of millions of people were stating loud and strong for the eradication of extreme poverty, a step towards a more just future was in the making, but towards a future where each of us must still learn to stand together.