A collection of video reports produced by the International Movement ATD Fourth World

The project is managed, implemented and administered by the International Communication team of the International Movement ATD Fourth World (Mery-sur-Oise, France).

Project creation and coordination, monitoring of video production: Laurent Ganau

English pages, Communication: Kanokkarn Nakpassorn

Press Contact:
Jo-Lind Roberts

Graphics: Paloma Valls

Webmaster: Nicolas Duclos

Development: Fisheye Communication

Translations : thanks to Nicola Holmes, Nicole Brégain, Detrich Peeler, Silvia Ugarte, Fanchette Fannelli, Sarah Keenan, Jill Cunningham, Jacquie Bridonneau

Vidéos : Rodny et Jaqueline, Louise Cosserat, Erik Chevalier, Philippe Hamel, Nathalie Jalloul, Kanokkarn Nakpassorn, Laurent Ganau (image ou montage et réalisation), Emmanuel Blanc (musique), François Phliponeau (photos)

Thanks for supporting : Ben Fehsenfeld, Benoît Fabiani, Mariana Guerra, Typhaine Cornacchiari, Pascal Percq, Bruno Couder, Daniel Fayard, Benoît Dudragne, Hervé Diawara