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When you are listening to the voices of people in poverty..

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When you are listening to the voices of people in poverty..

Donald Lee and Emma Speaks come from very different backgrounds. Donald is an experienced economist and advocate for social and economic development, and a strong supporter of the fight against extreme poverty. He was head of the Social Perspectives on Development Branch at the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations. According to him, the eradication of extreme poverty is impossible without the participation of those who live in poverty.

Emma comes from Brooklyn, she has known the realities of the street and has fought tirelessly to overcome poverty and adversity.  Over time, she became an activist for human rights. Emma is a dedicated member of her local community and every year organizes a block party on Montauk Avenue, East New York.  She returned to school and is now a qualified IT engineer, and, most, recently was invited to join the Board of Directors of the Fourth World Movement USA.

Donald and Emma’s two different but related commitments clearly demonstrate how each and every person has a role to play in overcoming poverty, and how new ideas and opportunities for change emerge when we bring these strengths together.