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Working together yes, but how? (full version in french)

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Working together yes, but how? (full version in french)


Full version in french. See short version in english.


Fives, a Lille neighborhood, is undergoing renovation but this could mean greater exclusion for some of the poorest. Such a change, however, is also an opportunity for all those who are actively involved in the life of the neigborhood to act together against poverty.


Therefore, within the framework of an overall social and cultural action, the ATD Fourth World Movement has initiated a training program.with members of the Movement who are living in poverty and others who are professionals in the socio-educational field. This is a training experiment based on a participatory method, in that, all participants are also co-trainers.


It is a real experience of democracy at the local level in which all participants, whoever they are and wherever they come from, recognize the value, the experience and the viewpoint of each person involved.