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Education, our stomachs were full of our parents’ courage

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Education, our stomachs were full of our parents’ courage

The evaluation of the UN's Millenium Objectives by people living or having lived through the greatest trials of poverty reveals strong, beautiful and unexpected stories.  When these voices emerged, connecting with the worldwide community, they reveal experiences, engagements which are keys to winning the fight against extreme poverty.

Fatimata reveals through her testimony her active participation in her community and in the long process of international consultation which, if one has known poverty, one could better describe the humiliations as well as the courage of parents and children in overcoming poverty.

Her words were brought to the UN through different steps, different places, from Ouagadougou (on the occasion of the seminar "The poorest people are partners in education truly for everyone") to New York.

Fatimata on the Permanent Forum on Extreme Poverty Around the World