From social exclusion to social change

My commitment, my community

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My commitment, my community

OCEAN HILL is a neighborhood on the edge of Brownsville, East New York. It is mainly families and low-income working people who live there.

Waimer Alcantara Ogando was born and raised in Ocean Hill. He has participated in the Street Library since he was a child. Now, as a young man, he is still involved in the Street Library, although in different dynamics. Waimer has always wanted to see change in his community, and he wants youth and smaller children to have something productive to do within their community.

Through his involvement in the community, Waimer contributes to bettering it, sharing his sensitivity on issues such as exclusion and poverty. His actions are perhaps not so visible, yet they are essential. His experience helps the volunteers, animating activities such as the Street Library, to understand better what it means to live in a place considered a “poor area”. His testimony shows how important it is to include those who struggle against exclusion, when setting up anti-poverty and inclusion projects and policies.